Winter Open 2018 ‘The Browning’



With strong easterlies all week and on the day we weren’t expecting a great turn out but 92 seniors and 4 juniors turned up , which given the conditions is a great turn out . Thank you to you all for making the effort in such dire weather !

So, as most predicted the fishing was hard work, but some managed to find a few….. The results were as follows;

1st – David Rodgers – 144cm
2nd – Gary Cornish – 83cm
2nd – Jack Reynolds – 83cm
4th – Charlie Tudball – 79cm
5th – Nathan Gray – 76cm
6th – Jason Brown – 74cm
7th – Duncan Young – 69cm
8th – Ben Ham – 66cm
9th – Rob Marshall – 59cm
9th – Shane Foster – 59cm


1st – Erin Hale – 55cm

4 Man Teams

1st – Blackdown – 747cm
2nd – Outcasts C – 527cm
3rd – West Coast & Watchet B – 408cm

10 Man Teams – Browning

1st – West Coast & Watchet – 284cm
2nd – Weston Outcasts – 202cm
3rd – Bishops Lydeard – 196cm
4th- WSMSAA – 134cm
5th – Reef Raiders – 120cm
6th – Channel Anglers – 111cm

Congratulations to West coast and Watchet on retaining the the Browning trophy 👏👏👏 . Great work .

Thank you to Veals Mail Order for their continued support and supplying us with great prizes . Absolute legends!! 
Anyone that saw something in the prizes they liked then head over to their page now for black Friday deals.

Thanks also must go to the volunteers that gave up their time on the day and prior to the event to put on this match for you. 
Also to Cliff Jones for donating to the raffle table. Take a bow .

We had a great day and it’s always good to see the club’s together, one minor issue on the day that will be resolved shortly are the person(s) that thought a way to get round the no tripods out before sign on rule was to put a shelter up. This is deemed to be un sporting behaviour and will be discussed at the next committee meeting with necessary action being taken.

Other than that we all had a great day and hope you did too!!

September 2018 – Specimen Claims

Hi there!

                        Take a look at the fish claimed from the boat section. It is becoming more apparent that the majority of the fish are now being put back and not being brought ashore for weighing. Perhaps it is time that we look at our claim form and tick a box where the fish is retained and not as at present “put back”. Let me know what you think.

A good place to start would be that all Rays could go forward to qualify for the Dolphins Skate & Ray trophy. This is the same criterion as applies to members of the Shark trophy, again let me know.

All the best,

Will update you in a month.

Keith Reed. Fish Recorder.


Congratulations to Jason Atkins with another stunning fish! this time a 13lb1oz Bull Huss from Porlock, well done Jason!


And on the boats, Phil Lewis with a cracking 119lb Blue Shark, you’re a brave man Phil!


BCFSA Interclub Charter Boat Contest 2018 – October Match & Final Results

October Match
After a flat calm Saturday the forecast for the last competition was not good, but fishable. That proved to be the case, a northwest force 4+ plagued us all day.
With 4 teams really close together on the table, a good result could win it, and a bad one lose it!
The draw took place at 10:30am and the boats were away by 11.
It was a slow wet trip, into the wind down to Porlock bay. There the sea was a bit better, but fishing was difficult all day with a yawing boat.
Nevertheless it was not long before fish were coming in!
Bonus fish for the day were Smoothound, 3 were taken on Osprey by Dave, John and Craig. 7 were taken on Teddie Boy by Mark, Nathan and Rick, with double shots by Steve and Pete.
Heaviest fish on Osprey was a 25lb Conger by Nigel Lloyd, and on Teddie Boy it was a 19lb8oz Conger for Damian.
Most species on Osprey was a tie between Craig Willis and Terry Giles with 7. On Teddie Boy Steve Lodge managed a credible 9. Osprey finished with 11 species, Teddie Boy 14.
Highest individual points on Teddie Boy was Steve Lodge with 730, and on Osprey it was a tie between John May and Craig Willis with 502 points.
Top teams on the day were WSM A with 16 points, WSM B with 13 points, and Charter Boat A with 10 points.



That concludes this years Charter Boat Contest, and here are the results:

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Summer Season Award – The Result

The results are all in and the Summer Season Award is concluded!

From the shore we had three stunning fish. In June Chris Buxton of Seaswest SAC took a 19lb2oz Smoothound, this fish was 144% of specimen size and also set a new Federation record. In July Craig Hobden of Birnbeck SAC bagged a huge 14lb12oz Bass, this fish made 174% of specimen size. Finally in August, Peter Critchell of Seaswest SAC caught a cracking 41lb8oz Tope, this one went 148% of specimen size.

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From the boats, Dave Rugman of Bristol Channel Charter Boats kicked off the summer season award in June with a 5lb5oz Coalfish! this one made 236% of specimen size, and also set a new Federation record, beating the previous record of 2lb4oz set by A.Muscroft way back in 1982! In July Andrew Paul also from Bristol Channel Charter Boats landed a cracking 134lb Blue Shark, this one went 216% specimen size, well done Andrew. Finally in August, Andy Bickle boated a fine 4lb4oz Black Bream (178% specimen size), well done Andy!

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So, the winners of the summer fish of the season are…….

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August 2018 – Specimen Claims




The August shore fish is this stunning Tope caught by Peter Critchell of Seaswest SAC, this 41lb8oz fish taken from a Combe Martin shore mark was 148% of specimen size, and beat Keith Warrens 3lb1oz Sole (144% specimen size) and Nick Gales Gilt Head Bream which was also 3lb1oz (again 144% specimen size). Well done Peter!


For the boats, Andy Bickle of Tor SAC took a tidy 4lb4oz Black Bream out of Minehead. Well done Andy!

(No picture was submitted for this one).

July 2018 – Specimen Claims


Notes from the Fish Recorder

 Hi there!


                        What some great weather we’ve had and some good fish recorded as well. Hopefully this will continue into the autumn. It’s good to see that the boat anglers among you are being able to get afloat and finding the decent fish.

I’ve heard of several species being caught, which are not usually taken within British waters amongst them being an Axillary Sea Bream. It appears that this might be the only one ever taken within our waters. Unfortunately, not within the Bristol Channel. Although this fish will not win any award from the BCFSA it is great to put it into our database.

If you haven’t already done so contact the secretary and make sure that you advertise next year’s opens run by your club. The handbook will be going into publication at the end of September. It’s a good place to let the angling fraternity know of your competition dates well in advance.

Will update you in a month.

All the best

Keith Reed. Fish Recorder


Congratulations to Craig Hobden of Birnbeck SAC with this huge 14lb12oz Bass from Sandpoint.


And Andrew Paul of Bristol Channel Charter Boats with his stunning 134lb Blue Shark from boat out of Minehead.


June 2018 – Specimen Claims


Notes from the Fish Recorder.

 Hi there!        

At last we are getting some fish to report. It’s been a poor year so far but things are now looking brighter. I know that I am going on a bit about the SEASON’S award but this seems to have caught the imagination of most of you. Below are the Contenders so far, next month we add the best of that month and finally arrive at the overall winner on the final month. Don’t forget that both sections will have a winner both boat and shore. Also remember to send a photo of your fish to the secretary so that you can also claim the bonus prize supplied by our sponsor.

                        Will update you next month

                        Keith Reed, Fish Recorder.


Congratulations to Dave Rugman on this fantastic Gold specimen Coalfish of 5lb5oz from a boat out of Minehead. Well done Dave, a worthy Summer Season Boat Award Contender!


And Chris Buxton of Seaswest SAC with a new shore record Smoothound of 19lb2oz, well done Chris!