Charter Boat & Trophy Report


Thanks to the clubs that entered teams in the 2019 series.

Big thanks to John May and Steve Lodge for helping and backing me up to run the competitions.

Congratulations to the winners – Weston outcasts .

Trophy pictures have been taken and winners badges and pools money have been distributed .

A breakdown of costs have been given to the treasurer.

This years boats are all confirmed .

May 24th. –  June 21st. –  August 9th. –  September 20th. –  October 18th

(2020 series is now full)

Phil Lewis


Over the last two years our cups and trophies have been rationalised with some upgraded and others put in storage or scrapped.

photos of all of the trophies have been taken together with a written record of all of the winners since they started.

Thanks to Keith Reed for his help on this.

Trophies / cups are now being presented / photographed and the winners presented with a bespoke embroidered badge to record their achievement

Phil Lewis

January 2019 – Specimen Claims

Hi there!

            A great month with some brilliant specimens being recorded.

I shall be putting forward at the next delegates meeting a rise in one specimen size. It will not affect any fish that have already been recorded and it will only affect the boat section. Our specimen size for the boat caught Blue Shark stands at 62lbs. As all Sharks are now to be returned and our policy is to do just this. This fish is now eligible for the season’s awards. During the period when boat anglers target this fish, it would have an unfair advantage over other boat caught species. I will put forward a specimen weight of 90lb (40.860 kg).

Obviously I will keep you informed.

Will update you in a month.

Keith Reed. Fish Recorder.

And the Season award front runners so far…..

Well done chaps, cracking fish!