Wrasse – Update

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Over the last few weeks the DSIFCA officers have been collating what little information is available from the exploitation of live wrasse fisheries in Norway, Ireland, England and Scotland.

As a result, in order to bring in some control of the emerging live wrasse fishery in our area, a consultation document has been issued to holders of potting permits within our area.

The document includes;

Compulsory catch reporting and on board catch inspections to enable the DSIFCA to undertand the make up and level of catches.

A close season April 1st to July 31st to cover a large part of the known wrasse spawning / nesting season.

A limit to the number of pots per vessel [70]

Marking of all pots with a tag that will be issued by DSIFCA

Min and Max sizes for each species:

120 – 230 for Rock Cook ,Goldsinney, Corkwing.
150 – 230 for Ballan and Cuckoo.

The Consultation document invites comment, suggestions and evidence from the permit holders by 7th April after which the officers will collate responses and prepare an impact assessment ready to present to the Byelaw and Permitting Sub Commitee on 15th May

John May


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