Spring Open 2017 – Results

89 Seniors and 8 juniors fished yesterday afternoons open, and as predicted by many, the fishing for most was hard going. The match stretch was split  into two zones:
Red zone from Minehead harbour through the golf links to the left of the chalets. Yellow zone from Dunster right of the chalets, through to the end of Blue Anchor wall.
The results were as follows:

Red Zone.
  • 1st     Simon Langley            3 fish     114cm     £200
  • 2nd    Julian Shambrook     3 fish     108cm     £100
  • 3rd     Mike Barter                 3 fish       87cm       £50
  • 4th    Dave Llewellyn           1 fish       83cm        £25
  • 5th    Mark Cowell                 1 fish       59cm     Prize Table
  • 6th    Martin Hale                 2 fish       58cm     Prize Table
  • 7th    Brad Nicholls              1 fish        52cm     Prize Table
  • 8th    Peter Evans                 2 fish        51cm     Prize Table
  • 9th    Tyrone Jones               1 fish        47cm     Prize table
  • 10th  Matt Stone                   1 fish        28cm     Prize Table
Yellow Zone.
  • 1st    Gareth Lloyd                 12 fish    347cm    £200
  • 2nd  Jamie Sergeant              6 fish     178cm    £100
  • 3rd   James Madsen                6 fish    159cm       £50
  • 4th   Rob Chapman                4 fish    108cm       £25
  • 5th   James Redman               3 fish       91cm    Prize Table
  • 6th  Mike Seatherton            1 fish       87cm    Prize Table
  • 7th  Tom Bayford                   2 fish       85cm    Prize Table
  • 8th  Ian French                       1 fish       66cm    Prize Table
  • 9th  Austin Cox                       2 fish      63cm     Prize Table
  • 10th Nathan Gray                  2 fish      61cm     Prize Table

Super Pool.
  • 1 st  Gareth Lloyd         347cm    £177.00
  • 2nd Jamie Sergeant     178cm      £88.50
  • 3rd  James Madsen       159cm      £29.50

Longest Cod Pool.
  • Austin Cox   36cm   £166


  • 1st   Jacob Roseff       4 fish   112cm  – Fishing Rod kindly donated by Reelfun Fishing.
  • 2nd Charlie Langley 1 fish    25cm – Fishing Rod kindly donated by Garry Evans Tackle.
  • 3rd  Harry Watts        1 fish    22cm – Junior prize table.


4 Man Team Trophy – after 1st Leg
  • Channel Anglers SAC (A)            525cm
  • Channel Anglers SAC (B)            294cm
  • West Coast & Watchet SAC (2)  174cm
  • Weston Outcasts SAC (2)            145cm
  • Reef Raiders SAC (4)                     140cm
  • Birnbeck SAC (1)                            107cm
  • Reef Raider SAC (3)                         91cm
  • Reef Raiders SAC (1)                       90cm
  • West Coast & Watchet SAC (1)    77cm
  • Weston Outcasts SAC (3)               61cm
  • Weston Outcasts SAC (1)               47cm
  • Birnbeck SAC (2)                              23cm
  • Birnbeck SAC (3)                                0cm
  • Blackdown SAC (A)                           0cm
  • Reef Raiders SAC (2)                         0cm
  • West Coast & Watchet SAC (3)       0cm

Huge thanks to all of you supporting this match, and congratulations to the winners!
A massive thank you to Reelfun Fishing, Olivers Angling, Thyers Tackle, Garry Evans Tackle Centres, and all the clubs and individuals that supported this match with their kind and generous prize donations.
And lastly for all the help behind the scenes putting this match together in the weeks leading up to, the phone calls offering help, and of course the good work on the day.

2 thoughts on “Spring Open 2017 – Results”

  1. Good report nice to see looks like a hard match” but so good to see the juniors at the prize table” all to fish for in the next match


  2. The new zone format for these competitions is brilliant. It certainly makes for a more level playing field and is a great way to spread the winnings out more across the board.

    Well done to all who competed on the day, particularly the junior members and the lads from Channel Anglers SAC who took the top spots in the team event and individually.


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