BCFSA Interclub Charter Boat Contest 2017 – Results

2 Man Team Result

The rules state that the winners of the 2 Man Team do not go on to enter the Individuals Trophy.

Individuals result

For the top 10 highest point scores during the entire  4 match series.

These results have been checked and verified by:

Phil Lewis (Boat Secretary) 
John May (Vice President / Federation Auditor)


We apologise for the delay in publishing the final results of the series.

We would not allow results to be issued until they had been double checked by the joint boat competition secretary. The score sheets for each individual on each boat were, after many requests, only made available for collection by him last Saturday evening.

Unfortunately the eight competitors detailed score sheets for the third competition on Osprey have ‘gone missing’. It is possible to use the published totals of each of the sheets without these details and this is what we have done - assuming they are correct – we are obviously unable to verify them.

There are some errors / omissions that we have corrected and we have reinstated the point’s deduction that were made to one competitor’s sheet (made after the event when it had been signed and counter signed as correct on the day).

As a reminder; The Team Competition, as originally published, is awarded to the team with the best score, based on a points system dependent on their placing on each boat on each trip, ie. top score 8pts , 2nd 7pts , 3rd 6pts etc. The points of the 2 team members are added together to give their club points for that day.

The individual award, as originally published, goes to the competitor not in the highest scoring team, who achieves the highest score on any one day.

A second Balance sheet has now been received that we can understand and the Treasurer can agree. We are still awaiting payment of the pools monies held by Scott and the balance of the deposit money amounting to £180 in total.

Payment for Blackdown’s 2017 membership, despite reminders, was eventually paid on the 22nd September. It was decided at the last committee / delegates meeting, following a similar open meeting discussion with Scott 10 days previously, that the Team Cup would not be awarded this year and the pool money that would have been divided between winners would be added to next year’s series. This was agreed by next placed clubs who would not want to win by default. If Blackdown do not wish to enter next year’s series a proportion of the pools entry money will be returned to them AFTER we have received the full amount of monies held by Scott.

The individual award is not affected by this and will be awarded.

At the meeting held on 25th September Scott gave the treasurer a cheque for £250 on account of the £270 deposit monies collected at the September competition. He also gave his resignation to committee / delegates and unreservedly apologised for the comments he had made on social media, and rescinded the accusations that he had made against committee members / delegates etc. of the federation.

It is regrettable that after such an enjoyable series of matches that we have had these ‘management’ issues, but rest assured it will not be allowed to happen again.

Next year’s trips are booked and teams are re- registering.

A third boat is provisionally booked and two more teams are interested – if we can make that four teams then we can confirm the third boat. A flyer is being circulated.

Phil Lewis - Joint Boat Secretary

John May - Auditor                                                                                           

11 -10 -2017

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