New Quarterly Awards

A message from Keith:

“Hi there!

There’s a new quarterly award commencing the 1st March. Based on the same criteria as the fish of the month is at present. Both sections will be eligible, boat and shore, the boat section will also include the conservation entries.

Each month the best entries will go forward into the next month, and then both of these entries will be added to the final month, I will publish each month the contenders going forward, and in the final month the overall winner.

This will mean that the fish of the month will no longer be awarded, in its place an embroidered ‘fish of the season’ badge will be awarded, one for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, boat and shore. Each winner will also get a VMO sponsored goody bag. As before you will need to send us a picture of you holding your catch at the time of capture, in order to claim the prize.

This new award makes it a lot fairer to the boat anglers and also to the anglers who return their fish alive. I have seen the prototype of these badges and I think the winners will be proud to display them on their anorak, sweater or T-shirt!

Will update you again next month.

Keith Reed – Fish Recorder.”

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