Welcome to the BCFSA.

Affiliation is open to any angling club with an interest in fishing the Bristol Channel. As an affiliated club member you can attend any delegate/members meeting held to put your views or suggestions forward.
Maybe you are interested in joining in with the organising and running of the Federation or helping with one off events? there will always be an opportunity to do this.
Present officers will not go on forever, and some at present fill more than one position.
Please remember, we are here for you but you must also be here for us.

The federation has all classes of trophies, specimen fish competitions and many other types of awards. The boat and shore sections run their own competitions.
The B.C.F.S.A. has its own insurance cover for member clubs and their individual members, covering the shore only. Ask the secretary for details.
If an angler wishes to join a club there are many listed and only a phone call away. Some specialise in boat or shore angling only. Likewise, if your club wishes to join, contact the B.C.F.S.A. Honorary Treasurer  >click here<
The B.C.F.S.A. has always been involved with the environment, mostly local in the past but nowadays this includes matters of National and European importance through organisations such as The Severn Estuary Strategy, D.E.F.R.A., I.F.C.A., English Nature and many others.
Conservation is of growing importance and often dealt with in conjunction with the environment issues, especially aggregate extraction in the Bristol Channel. For the benefit of the Recreational Sea Angler (R.S.A.) initially, much work is being done to curtail the over-fishing and unfriendly practices of the commercial world, especially for Bass. All boat and shore competitions are now catch and release system, also major conservation awards.

The B.C.F.S.A website here, is not only for its clubs and members, but for the sea angling world in general. Being a progressive federation, your news, views, items of interest, etc., can be of interest to everyone, so click on….

To all anglers ashore and afloat,
Tight lines and enjoyable angling for 2018.
And remember, fishing is fun!