Award Winners 2018

A huge well done to all the winners and specimen catchers below!

Regrettably there will be no formal presentation of awards this year, apologies to anyone that may have been planning to come.

Numbers have dwindled over the years and although there is competition to win,  recognition of fish etc. the cups and trophies are not all being collected.

We are introducing a new system whereby all winners will receive a bespoke cloth badge and a special certificate to acknowledge and record their ‘special , catch. These will be sent out to the clubs.

So, how did the clubs fare?

Wow! once again, a huge well done to all of the anglers above, and a huge well done to our fish recorder Keith Reed, for a fantastic job once again.

Summer Season Award – The Result

The results are all in and the Summer Season Award is concluded!

From the shore we had three stunning fish. In June Chris Buxton of Seaswest SAC took a 19lb2oz Smoothound, this fish was 144% of specimen size and also set a new Federation record. In July Craig Hobden of Birnbeck SAC bagged a huge 14lb12oz Bass, this fish made 174% of specimen size. Finally in August, Peter Critchell of Seaswest SAC caught a cracking 41lb8oz Tope, this one went 148% of specimen size.

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From the boats, Dave Rugman of Bristol Channel Charter Boats kicked off the summer season award in June with a 5lb5oz Coalfish! this one made 236% of specimen size, and also set a new Federation record, beating the previous record of 2lb4oz set by A.Muscroft way back in 1982! In July Andrew Paul also from Bristol Channel Charter Boats landed a cracking 134lb Blue Shark, this one went 216% specimen size, well done Andrew. Finally in August, Andy Bickle boated a fine 4lb4oz Black Bream (178% specimen size), well done Andy!

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So, the winners of the summer fish of the season are…….

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August 2018 – Specimen Claims




The August shore fish is this stunning Tope caught by Peter Critchell of Seaswest SAC, this 41lb8oz fish taken from a Combe Martin shore mark was 148% of specimen size, and beat Keith Warrens 3lb1oz Sole (144% specimen size) and Nick Gales Gilt Head Bream which was also 3lb1oz (again 144% specimen size). Well done Peter!


For the boats, Andy Bickle of Tor SAC took a tidy 4lb4oz Black Bream out of Minehead. Well done Andy!

(No picture was submitted for this one).

April 2018 – Specimen Claims

Hi there!

As you can see, the first entries into the new season awards have been added to my monthly report. These anglers providing a photo will go forward to next month, May, and from that the winner will be ascertained.

It is just unfortunate the over the past couple of weeks the fishing has been very slow, otherwise there would have been several other nominees.

At least the boat anglers can now be sure that they will definitely be in with the awards, also those that put their catch back can also be recognised.

I am hoping that next month will be more productive, but what I have received so far it appears most unlikely.

Will update you in a month, all the best, Keith Reed.

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