July 2018 – Specimen Claims


Notes from the Fish Recorder

 Hi there!


                        What some great weather we’ve had and some good fish recorded as well. Hopefully this will continue into the autumn. It’s good to see that the boat anglers among you are being able to get afloat and finding the decent fish.

I’ve heard of several species being caught, which are not usually taken within British waters amongst them being an Axillary Sea Bream. It appears that this might be the only one ever taken within our waters. Unfortunately, not within the Bristol Channel. Although this fish will not win any award from the BCFSA it is great to put it into our database.

If you haven’t already done so contact the secretary and make sure that you advertise next year’s opens run by your club. The handbook will be going into publication at the end of September. It’s a good place to let the angling fraternity know of your competition dates well in advance.

Will update you in a month.

All the best

Keith Reed. Fish Recorder


Congratulations to Craig Hobden of Birnbeck SAC with this huge 14lb12oz Bass from Sandpoint.


And Andrew Paul of Bristol Channel Charter Boats with his stunning 134lb Blue Shark from boat out of Minehead.


June 2018 – Specimen Claims


Notes from the Fish Recorder.

 Hi there!        

At last we are getting some fish to report. It’s been a poor year so far but things are now looking brighter. I know that I am going on a bit about the SEASON’S award but this seems to have caught the imagination of most of you. Below are the Contenders so far, next month we add the best of that month and finally arrive at the overall winner on the final month. Don’t forget that both sections will have a winner both boat and shore. Also remember to send a photo of your fish to the secretary so that you can also claim the bonus prize supplied by our sponsor.

                        Will update you next month

                        Keith Reed, Fish Recorder.


Congratulations to Dave Rugman on this fantastic Gold specimen Coalfish of 5lb5oz from a boat out of Minehead. Well done Dave, a worthy Summer Season Boat Award Contender!


And Chris Buxton of Seaswest SAC with a new shore record Smoothound of 19lb2oz, well done Chris!


May 2018 – Specimen Claims & Spring Season Winners


Notes From the Fish Recorder

 Hi there!

At last, after a couple of months of bad weather, we have had some fish coming in and with them the results of the new Seasons Award’s. You will notice that the end column gives the month in which the fish was caught. Each month in my report I will publish the fish that has been put forward into this award. The first two months will name the contenders and the final month the winner. Already in operation is the Summer Season. Good luck to everybody.

Will update you in a month.

            Keith Reed, fish Recorder.



Congratulations to our first ever Fish of the Season boat winner, Michael Webber Griffiths of Bristol Channel Charter Boats with a cracking 50lb8oz Tope from the boat out of Minehead.



And Jason Atkins of Reef Raiders SAC with a 20lb Blonde Ray from the shore, what a beauty!


Your embroidered badges and VMO prizes are on the way to you chaps, well done!


April 2018 – Specimen Claims

Hi there!

As you can see, the first entries into the new season awards have been added to my monthly report. These anglers providing a photo will go forward to next month, May, and from that the winner will be ascertained.

It is just unfortunate the over the past couple of weeks the fishing has been very slow, otherwise there would have been several other nominees.

At least the boat anglers can now be sure that they will definitely be in with the awards, also those that put their catch back can also be recognised.

I am hoping that next month will be more productive, but what I have received so far it appears most unlikely.

Will update you in a month, all the best, Keith Reed.

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March 2018 – Specimen Claims


Hi there!

What an atrocious month this has been. Just two fish claims for the whole of March, and both from the shore.

Boats not being able to get out, or the shore anglers not being able to get to their favourite venues?

It is especially disappointing in that this is the first month for our new Season’s Award. I was hoping to give you an idea as to how it will all pan out by picking out the best from shore & boat.  

Will update you again next month.

Keith Reed. Fish Recorder.

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February 2018 – Specimen Claims

Hi there!
The Fish Of The Month competition has now ended after 27 years. It was introduced in 1991, and is now superseded by the Seasons award. Four seasons, four fish per year from each section, boat and shore. The boat section to include the conservation entries. The winners will be awarded an embroidered badge depicting their achievement and also an acknowledgment from the sponsors. I feel sure that all participants will welcome this, and the winners will be proud to show off their badge on their T shirt, anorak or sweater.
In closing, I would like to thank the past sponsors of the Fish Of The Month, Silstar, DAM, Shimano, Cox and Rawle, Just Tackle and Collins.
Will update you all in a month,
Keith Reed – Fish Recorder.
Two new BCFSA records this month, from the shore, Simon Whitcombe of Clevedon Pier SAC with a 3lb3oz Haddock. From the boat, James Thomas of Bristol Channel Charter Boats with a huge 24lb4oz Blonde Ray. Well done chaps!
This months VMO Fish Of The Month winner is Paul Lorrimore of Bristol Channel Charter Boats with a fine 6lb Haddock from a boat out of Minehead. Well Done Paul!

New Quarterly Awards

A message from Keith:

“Hi there!

There’s a new quarterly award commencing the 1st March. Based on the same criteria as the fish of the month is at present. Both sections will be eligible, boat and shore, the boat section will also include the conservation entries.

Each month the best entries will go forward into the next month, and then both of these entries will be added to the final month, I will publish each month the contenders going forward, and in the final month the overall winner.

This will mean that the fish of the month will no longer be awarded, in its place an embroidered ‘fish of the season’ badge will be awarded, one for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, boat and shore. Each winner will also get a VMO sponsored goody bag. As before you will need to send us a picture of you holding your catch at the time of capture, in order to claim the prize.

This new award makes it a lot fairer to the boat anglers and also to the anglers who return their fish alive. I have seen the prototype of these badges and I think the winners will be proud to display them on their anorak, sweater or T-shirt!

Will update you again next month.

Keith Reed – Fish Recorder.”