Charter Boat & Trophy Report


Thanks to the clubs that entered teams in the 2019 series.

Big thanks to John May and Steve Lodge for helping and backing me up to run the competitions.

Congratulations to the winners – Weston outcasts .

Trophy pictures have been taken and winners badges and pools money have been distributed .

A breakdown of costs have been given to the treasurer.

This years boats are all confirmed .

May 24th. –  June 21st. –  August 9th. –  September 20th. –  October 18th

(2020 series is now full)

Phil Lewis


Over the last two years our cups and trophies have been rationalised with some upgraded and others put in storage or scrapped.

photos of all of the trophies have been taken together with a written record of all of the winners since they started.

Thanks to Keith Reed for his help on this.

Trophies / cups are now being presented / photographed and the winners presented with a bespoke embroidered badge to record their achievement

Phil Lewis

Reginald “Reg” Stevens

It is with sorrow that we have heard of the passing away of one of our Vice presidents, Reg Stevens. A stalwart of the BCFSA in the early seventies and eighties, a valued committee member and treasurer for many a year.

A keen boat angler who fished many of the charter boat competitions.

A delegate representing Brunel SAC, in fact, one of the founder members of that club. He gave that club its name, as he was a tutor at Brunel College. It was whilst he was there he designed and had made by the apprentices the “Isambard” trophy which is now a major boat award competed for annually by the BCFSA.

We send our condolences to his family with fond memories of our fishing times together.

Funeral to be held at Alveston Methodist Church, Greenhill Rd, Alveston, Bristol BS35 3RA on Friday 4th January 2019 at 11:30am. Contact Geoff Beaven on 07798-948154 for more details.

New Quarterly Awards

A message from Keith:

“Hi there!

There’s a new quarterly award commencing the 1st March. Based on the same criteria as the fish of the month is at present. Both sections will be eligible, boat and shore, the boat section will also include the conservation entries.

Each month the best entries will go forward into the next month, and then both of these entries will be added to the final month, I will publish each month the contenders going forward, and in the final month the overall winner.

This will mean that the fish of the month will no longer be awarded, in its place an embroidered ‘fish of the season’ badge will be awarded, one for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, boat and shore. Each winner will also get a VMO sponsored goody bag. As before you will need to send us a picture of you holding your catch at the time of capture, in order to claim the prize.

This new award makes it a lot fairer to the boat anglers and also to the anglers who return their fish alive. I have seen the prototype of these badges and I think the winners will be proud to display them on their anorak, sweater or T-shirt!

Will update you again next month.

Keith Reed – Fish Recorder.”

June 2017 – Specimen Claims

Picture1Hi there!

As I stated last month, I proposed an increase on several of the Ray group of fish. When I put forward to the meeting why the increase was necessary, it was carried I believe unanimously. Starting from the 1st of December these new weights will be in force. All the information will be in our forthcoming updated handbook. In this handbook will also be the new record lists for all three sections, boat, shore and conservation, the latter one making some very interesting additions.

That’s all for now, will update you next month.

Keith Reed – BCFSA Fish Recorder.

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Don Metcalfe – 11th December 1931 to 21st May 2017.


Way back in 1961, Don who was the secretary of Weston Super Mare SAA approached other sea angling clubs within the region with the intention of forming an association.

To encourage clubs to the meeting, it was to be held after a shore competition held on the town beach. Seven clubs fished the contest, four of which then met at the Albert Hotel in Weston Super Mare to arrange an inaugural meeting to set up the new association. This was Saturday 27th May.

The first meeting took place at the Royal Clarence Hotel on the 1st of July, with six clubs being present, and apologies from several others. The first thing on the agenda was the election of officers, Don put himself forward as the secretary, with the other two main officers coming from Weston SAA.

It was at this meeting that the name was finalised as the Bristol Channel Federation of Sea Anglers, BCFSA.

Now the Federation was formed and running, he organised many competitions, the most notable being the open on the Berrow, Brean and Burnham foreshores where over 900 anglers competed for a boat! This was the largest competition ever held in this area, and a proud moment for the BCFSA, all thanks to the efforts put in by Don.

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