Commercial Wrasse Fishing Crisis


This is a shocking report on how Scottish salmon farmers are decimating our local wrasse stocks.

Special report by our fisheries officer John May.

Recently I attended a meeting of the DSIFCA Bye Law review committee, of which I am an elected member.

The main purpose of the meeting was to finalise details of the committee’s recommendation to ban all forms of netting within estuaries in our area, excepting sand eel seines with restrictions.

Following this there was a brief presentation from the officers regarding the commercial wrasse fishery, that I as a recreational angler found alarming.

The wrasse has no commercial minimum size and no protection on quota.  I remember in the past seeing piles of good sized wrasse caught by nets, being chopped in half for pot bait at Salcombe. I assume that still happens?


The new threat is from Scottish salmon farms, who are looking for huge amounts of live fish to use in the farms to combat disease, assumedly by eating the parasites?

The initial information feedback is mind boggling, but probably conservative.

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